Life’s a Trip!

We all know that life’s a trip- the key is to enjoy the ride.

Navigating the course of life’s transition has become my specialty. As a parent of a child with disabilities, I know that the flight into unknown territories can be frightening and turbulent at times. I also know that it can be the best ride of your life, as you uncover the hidden strengths within you and your family members and celebrate everyday triumphs.

As an advocate for children and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, I am passionate about helping them and their families live their best lives ever! To get you headed in the right direction, I have developed a proprietary ‘flight plan’ that will help you identify your destinations, especially in regard to transitioning through life stages. Together, we will realize and bring to light the talents and gifts of your child and identify members of their ‘crew’ – the┬áprofessional, family and community members – that are vested in seeing your child succeed.

We will identify the ‘fuel’ – the energy, money and outside resources- you will need to reach each leg of your flight. As with any plan, there is always a need for emergency preparations and exit strategies, that can be put in place if the course you are travelling runs off track.

Through intention, thoughtful planning, and awareness, together we can make a difference. If you are ready to get off the tarmac and Take Flight, hop on board as we discover a future filled with promise and purpose.

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